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Who I Am

aura stoica mariposa


A dreamer, curious, brave and adventurous woman who after supposedly having everything decided to keep looking and found herself. After 20 years working to get everything I thought would make me happy: good job, a wonderful husband, a fairytale wedding, children, family, beachside house, vacations everywhere, etc... well that in the and NOW WHAT? I began to look no further and look inside myself and there I found everything I was looking for. That's how I ended up in the world of Coaching and Personal Development. And dreaming ... Dreaming I created this company to deliver my dedication, my enthusiasm and my desire to empower women and share with them my experience, the learnings and knowledge that made me grow, evolve and become a better version of myself so that they can live it as well.

aura stoicav coach


Inspire, train and accompany women from all over the world to find their passion, aim high, discover what their big dreams are and go after them knowing how to reach them.

aura stoica mission coach
aura stoica mission


The world would be a much better place if all women were aware of the power they have, pursued their purpose in life and contributed to improve the lives of other people. The world needs positive, happy, smiling, passionate, inspiring people to see what can be lived in another way, that can be chosen.

aura stoica vision


Each one of us guides his conduct based on values acquired and assumed throughout our lives.

01 Love

Live from the heart, with love, doing what you love, offering love, that does not have a price

02 Freedom

Freedom is to choose at all times how you want to live, what to do, with whom, and in what way, to whom you give your smile, your time, each and every day. 

03 Passion

Finding what moves you is connecting with your essence, it is what sets you in motion and urges you to get out of bed with a smile

04 Coherence

Because feeling, thinking, saying and doing in the same direction is the key to happiness.

Are you ready for change? It all begins here.